Pateros City Hall - Lost Sculpture

Rich had a sculpture in front of the Pateros City Hall for many years.  He took a large bolder weighing probably 300 pounds and cast some reptile legs to it.  I was disappointed to see it walk off and wondered where it ended up.  Do you know and have a picture of it? 
At the time I was going through Pateros from Portland a couple times a year with a group of coworkers and would pass through around 2:00 am.  Several miles out I would tell of how on certain nights the rocks along the river banks would get up and wander the streets.  That is why there are signs along the highway saying to watch for them.  Arriving at Pateros and the only restroom for miles there would stand the Rockasourous.  I always thought that Pateros should have made the city and school’s mascot – then it disappeared.  Perhaps smaller tourist pieces.  Anyway would love to know where it is and if you have a picture…

Ted Murray
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