The purpose of this website, showcasing the artwork of Richard S. Beyer, is to introduce more people to an exceptional artist that is little known beyond the Pacific Northwest. As we have shown, his style is unique and expressive, with an unique gift for creating art that expresses the stories and values of a community. This biography tells the story of his own journey which sadly ended on April 9th, 2012.

“It will be the biography of a man who became an artist to realize the promise of self-expression in America in the world today. He was stupidly creative. The world was falling apart in the 80 or so years of his life. He built on stories of love, friendhip and narrow self-interest, it returned to love and the whole story is told as a study of love. The universe is affirmative.” … “What I did was to more or less blindly explore the nature of things I saw and heard stories about. There was no music in it, some poetry and some song, but mostly the frustration of people's creativity and their love of working with one another.” (RSB)

Beyer’s biography begins with a section on his
PHILOSOPHY, highlighting his most essential values. The next section on his EARLY YEARS, lists the major events and movements of his life before he became a sculptor. His PROLIFIC PERIOD, tells how he developed his art and expressed his talent. He taught himself new techniques and created wonderful artwork that gained public affection and settled into communities and private homes as “place makers." AT WORK, gives you a sampling of photos showing Beyer at work in his studio.
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The Peaceable Kingdom
1984, Goldmark Library, Madrona
Seattle, WA
Cast Aluminum

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Early Years
Life, Love, Time, Game
1998, Seattle/Tashkent Peace Park
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Cast Aluminum

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Prolific Period
Make Art Not Bombs"
2006, Yakima Community College
Yakima, WA
Cast Aluminum (Last Piece Created)

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At Work
In the Studio, carving soapstone.