May 2012

So sorry to hear the loss of such a wonderful artist.

So sorry to hear the loss of such a wonderful artist. I wanted to share the image of “Art” who sits on Wall Street in Bend, Oregon. He is very loved by the community and is a landmark thanks to Richard.

Here is the latest image

We Will Celebrate the Life of Richard Beyer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact:  Barb or David Koenig
May 22, 2012                                                             ((509) 682-9262

We will Celebrate the Life of Richard Beyer
Renowned Sculptor and Friend who passed away April 9
 In addition, Artist in Action
Artist and Sculptor Cameron Elder, working during the evening in collage
Friday, June 1, 5-8 pm

Chelan, Washington – Main Street Gallery is pleased to spotlight the work of Sculptor, Richard Beyer



UTCHi! I have been an admirer of Rich Beyers for many years. Born in 1922 our lives ran in a similar time frame. Some, long, time ago I purchased a carving of a dog, attributed to Rich Beyer. Frankly I have no recollection as Read More...

Rite of Passage

One of Rich’s most loved works, at least to this site builder among others, was the five-legged buffalo. It currently resides in a cabin in the Adirondacks.

It became a tradition to have my friends and myself place our children on the buffalo as good luck for their future (I am still attempting to locate some of my photos). The pictures below depict Mark’s first son

To: Dee, family and friends of Rich Beyer

To: Dee, family and friends of Rich Beyer (this musing has not been edited and is in its original form)

Pete Wyman’s reflections of the life of Richard S. Beyer and family:

I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Rich Beyer, after being called by a friend in Seattle who saw the picture of him and his Fremont sculpture. Later, I saw the e-mail from Dee.  I copied the Times article that had been sent to me and the e-mail to Andy Buddington, who teaches geology at Spokane Community College and once lived in his daylight basement.  He said, Rich made “…a profound affect on his life, the more I thought about it