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Beyer Sculptures at Kahneetah

Beyer sculptures at Kahneetah

To whom this may concern:

It breaks my heart to learn of the sculptor's death. My condolences to all who loved him.

As a former resident on the Warm Springs reservation in Oregon I have admired
Richard S. Beyer's bas reliefs and murals at Kahneetah Resort since their appearance

“PFC Richard S. Beyer 44321847, Sir.”

PFC Richard S. Beyer

As told by Cliff Carpenter, October 5, 2012.

This is an oral history about Rich Beyer as a combat soldier in World War II, as told by fellow soldier and life-long friend, Cliff Carpenter. Cliff was once a New York radio actor whose most famous role was Terry in “Terry and the Pirates.” He is a great storyteller, and although now age 98, he still has vivid memories of PFC “Slim.” This is a true story.

The setting is somewhere in Germany in 1944:

Photo Release for "The Itinerant"

Hi Dorothy and Charles,

First I wanted you to know how sorry I am for your loss.  He was such a very talented and gifted sculptor and I am sorry that I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.

Thank you both so much for your emails and for being fine with the idea of putting up an image of Richard’s work in the apartment complex being built in Capitol

Speech Given by Charlie Beyer at Rich's Memorial Service

“Arthur P. Finkelstine, beloved insurance salesman for Farmers Mutual, who was this smaller than life man? Well, …who cares. We’re here to talk about Rich Beyer.

The Father
I'd like to say a few things from my perspective. Things of possibly an unknown nature to this assembly … about Rich ... the husband and father.

This husband and father had no role model. His parents were busy politicos of the time, who were always off saving the world with FDR and various administrations. This left him and his equally devilish brothers to run unchecked in the Virginia country side and the seedy side of nearby city’s. Occasionally his mother or father would appear to survey the wreckage, hire new chaperones, and

Unique Sculpture

UTCI acquired a rather unique Aluminum cast sculpture done by Richard Beyer. It stands approx. 1&1/2 feet tall, consists of three subjects; A man with an almost pterodactyl looking head , a Read More...

Memorial for Rich that is being presented to the University Friends Meeting in Seattle

Memorial Minute for Richard S. Beyer
Ann Stever, May 30, 2012
To be presented to the University Meeting Business Meeting, 6/10/12

Richard Sternoff Beyer, sculptor and member of University Friends Meeting, died on April 9, 2012, in New York City at the age of 86. He was born


So sorry to hear the loss of such a wonderful artist.

So sorry to hear the loss of such a wonderful artist. I wanted to share the image of “Art” who sits on Wall Street in Bend, Oregon. He is very loved by the community and is a landmark thanks to Richard.

Here is the latest image

We Will Celebrate the Life of Richard Beyer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact:  Barb or David Koenig
May 22, 2012                                                             ((509) 682-9262

We will Celebrate the Life of Richard Beyer
Renowned Sculptor and Friend who passed away April 9
 In addition, Artist in Action
Artist and Sculptor Cameron Elder, working during the evening in collage
Friday, June 1, 5-8 pm

Chelan, Washington – Main Street Gallery is pleased to spotlight the work of Sculptor, Richard Beyer



UTCHi! I have been an admirer of Rich Beyers for many years. Born in 1922 our lives ran in a similar time frame. Some, long, time ago I purchased a carving of a dog, attributed to Rich Beyer. Frankly I have no recollection as Read More...