UTCHi! I have been an admirer of Rich Beyers for many years. Born in 1922 our lives ran in a similar time frame. Some, long, time ago I purchased a carving of a dog, attributed to Rich Beyer. Frankly I have no recollection as where or whom I got the dog. It is not signed, as far as I can tell. Did he normally sign his carvings? It is 36" long and is laying on its back with one leg raised exposing a large penis, which looks to be human. Sort of a practical joke. I will send a photo when I get an email address. It would be of interest if this could be recognized as his work, or not. As a, retired, professional photographer I think there may be a, limited, market for an artistic print of this carving.Therefore I would need to know just what I have. When I got around to trying to contact him, it was too late. He was an original and will be missed. David Gardner


p.s. I might be interested in selling it if there is an interested buyer.David Gardner

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