Beyer Sculptures at Kahneetah

Beyer sculptures at Kahneetah

To whom this may concern:

It breaks my heart to learn of the sculptor's death. My condolences to all who loved him.

As a former resident on the Warm Springs reservation in Oregon I have admired
Richard S. Beyer's bas reliefs and murals at Kahneetah Resort since their appearance
in 1964.

In my book Columbia River Basketry (UWPress1992) on p.79, his wonderful
image illustrates "Tatatlya, the legendary striped basket witch who...carried wandering
children home to her family for dinner". I am familiar with those images I have been
able to find on many returns to that fine building.

Is there a list of images or any record of these wonderful works that tell us the stories
they are based on? or other information about the images? I remember that there was
a printed description of the carved bas relief on the front doors -- of Coyote slipping under
the barbed wire -- a wonderful subtle kick in the pants for those who fenced land once free
for roaming resident tribes.

I would be grateful for whatever you could tell me of this fine artist's intent and
preparation for doing that major work of delight at Kahneetah Resort, Warm
Springs, Oregon. I will be happy to send what photos of these murals that I have, if you
wish to have them.

I hope to hear from someone about these important works, sincerely, Mary D. Schlick
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